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Natural Copaiba

Natural Copaiba

We produce the natural Copaiba (In natura) as well as leaves the tree, the oldest and most traditional form of producing the oil.

Destilled Copaiba

Destilled Copaiba

With the advancement of Technology The Copaiba has also evolved. Distilled Copaiba Oil maintains a higher degree of active agents.

Rose Wood Essential Oil

Rose Wood Essential Oil

The Rose Wood oil and constituted largely of linalool a product with great demand in the international market.

Amazon Nativus Working Environment


Meet a specialist oil extraction company

Amazon Nativus Products of Brazil is a company of natural extractivism, our specialization is the extraction of Copaiba Oil.

We are also one of the few companies in the world that does the distillation of the Copaiba, raising the power of the active elements of the oil. Meet our products here on our website!

We have 40 years of experience in the oil extractivism market in the Amazon rainforest. Our goal is to expand the distribution of the famous “miraculous oil of the Amazon” to the most remote places on the planet, as well as the origin of our product.

High Composition Copaiba Oil Home

We Have High Composition Copaiba Oil

Amazon Nativus extracts the natural Copaiba, we are also producers of distilled copaiba that contains 68% of Beta Caryophyllene and the Rose Wood Essential Oil that keeps in composition 78% of Linalool. That’s what we do best!

Clients Testimonials


    Natural Products

    I represent a company that distributes natural products to various uses. One of the products we distribute is small bottle of Copaiba oil to combat inflammation and facilitate wound healing. We could not offer a product without guarantee of origin and PRB Brazil met all the requirements.


    Chemical Engineer

    The formula that I develop in the laboratory of the company, needed the oil of Copaiba with percentage of Beta Caryophyllene high for the formula to reach the objective of the product that we develop. Amazon Nativus has met our expectation and we are happy with this partnership.



    Our small perfume industry used the fixative of the aroma of synthetic oil, due to the low cost compared to natural oil. We experimented and today the aroma fasteners of our perfume line, 40% take natural oil as a fixer in the formula. The Amazon Nativus is our Copaiba Oil supplier.

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