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About Us

About us Who we are and our priorities


Learn a little more about Amazon Nativus operating at 40 years in the Copaiba Oil market

We are a company that operates more than 40 years in the extraction of essential oils from the Amazon rainforest within the Brazilian territory.


Our extraction of Copaiba oil is produced in a particular land area, which is passed on to the several generations of the family holding the property of commercial exploitation of the planting from seed to extraction.

The Amazon Nativus Products of Brazil is a company of natural extractivism accredited by the Department of Brazilian Government to control nature, fauna and flora.


We supply natural essential oils to several companies of the most diverse segments that use our product for the most diverse purposes.


If we have the product you are looking for, make a contact with us that we can ensure that our product is of high quality.


We are one of the few companies that makes the distillation of Copaiba, the distillation elevates the power of the main agent of the oil to the requirement of perfumer companies and large laboratories that need this combination.


We package, transport and ship safely to all countries of the world quality Copaiba Oil.


We package




We fast transport


We guarantee
Our Target Audience

Our target Audience

Our goal is to get you the perfumer company of small to large, laboratories and pharmacies our oil of copaiba, in the options that we produce with minimum leak of 1 liter.



CEO and Founder

Antonio Tinoco is the president of Brazil’s regional products. It has a wide experience in the extractivism of natural oil in the Amazon rainforest. It is the man who is ahead, of all the quality of our oils that reach you.



Commercial Director

Fabio Marins is the professional who is able to make commercial contacts of regional products of Brazil. It focuses on managing all trade transactions so that Copaiba oil has the legalized tax and customs apparatus.

Carla Sabat

Carla Sabat

Sales Manager

The professional who will check if our product has reached you, which the positive and negative details have been created in the logistics from the origin to the destination. It has an obligation to each day improve the attendance of PRB offered to our customers.