Copaiba oil extracted from the world's largest forest

Copaiba oil extracted from the world’s largest forest

April 25, 2018

A Copaiba oil extraction company from Amazonas


Company that complies with all governmental requirements for extraction, the Regional Products of Brazil has as objective of work, take the precious oil of Copaiba to any part of the world.

We are a company that meets all the requirements of the Brazilian Government to act in the natural extractivism, always being governed by the duties and obligations that the Brazilian Government imposes for the extractivism Natura to occur allowing war income for those who live in Amazonas and has the forest as half re income, independent of the size, of the type of the person involved in the extractivism.

The whole process since the plantation is done in particular area of PRB Brazil, we have the area where we plant the trees that produces the oil, until the bottling of the product is made by our company. We have quality certificate issued by Government company, as well as customs clearance for the product to be released for marketing outside the state of Amazonas.

The perfect setting for those who need the products we extracted from the forest reach you. Make an appointment with our sales team, and confirm the information obtained from the PRB Brasil website, and we will definitely make it happen to purchase our products quickly. After all products of extractive origin is not very easy to leave the state that nature offers extradition, PRB Brasil with 40 years of existence in this market already has a much greater agility for being active in the market for almost five decades.