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Perfume industry laboratory we have pure Copaiba

April 15, 2018

Extraction of Copaiba from the Amazon rainforest without attacking the environment


PRB Brazil explores the oil trade of Copaiba more than 40 years, all our effort and believe is not little, it is to be able to offer to companies that has as goal the quality in their products.

In the chemical market the substitute product is already a reality, i.e. synthetic oil, an urgent need since the natural extraction is low and the difficulty of production leaves the natural oil far above the price of synthetic oil.

Our production is sufficient to meet only companies that do not give up the quality of their products even if the value of this product reaches the end consumer at a relatively much higher price than those using the alternatives.

We believe that there are consumers who have no importance in paying a high value for a product, provided that it has the superior quality of the same type of product that they bring in the formula the synthetic agents, alternative or even generic.

It is for these companies that reach this select audience is that PBR Brazil works, after all have exclusivity when the delimiter of exclusivity is the value of a particular product is for a minority who has knowledge and can acquire the best in the market.

If this publication goes against what you need as a differentiator in your product, make a contact with PRB Brazil, after all we have what you want or that you already planned in using to elevate the quality of your product and consecutively of your brand, be it the remedy or perfume area. After all PRB Brazil produces Copaiba oil from inside the Amazon rainforest and we make it to the door of your company or residence.