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Destilled Copaiba

Distilled Copaiba elevates the power of Beta Caryophyllene at 68%

Amazon Nativus Regional Products of Brazil, is one of the few companies that distills the oil of Copaiba in the world.

At first we want to emphasize that the Amazon Nativus Regional Products of Brazil, is the only company to produce the Copaiba distilled on a large scale in the Amazon region.

The company always makes investment in technology and equipment needed for distillation, as well as chemical professional for product analysis.

Here the focus of Copaiba is for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. When distilled it passes through the process of steam drag, with temperature controlled, allowing the preservation of medicinal properties, apart the resinoide part of the essential part.

With this process is obtained a product of high purity, where the result separates the 68% Beta Caryophyllene, which is the main active reagent when used for medicinal purposes.

This distillation process leaves the extreme Copaiba ideal for the use of cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical.

One example is that the major cosmetic industries of the international market use Copaiba in their formulations.

The skin cream with copaiba oil in its chemical composition helps to blanket healthy skin.

The power of Copaiba can be known as antiseptic, for sores and scratches infections for sore throats and other respiratory problems.

Being also known as a powerful anti-inflammatory, in small doses serves as an appetite stimulant, with direct action in the stomach.

destilled copaiba seedling
destilled copaiba tree
destilled copaiba distillation

Extraction of Copaiba oil with the endorsement of the government company of Extractivism of the forest

Amazon Nativus is proud to explore the extractive economy of the Amazon rainforest acting within the control parameters of the Brazilian environment.

We are supervised by government agencies which provide all the information by specialized technicians on how to produce the best Copaiba oil in the forest.

The technicians of the Brazilian government points out to which production Amazon Nativus can market each year, besides providing all the extensive documentation that is necessary for the extractivism of the Brazilian forest to be able to be delivered anywhere in the World without assaulting the Amazon rainforest.

destilled copaiba milling
destilled copaiba and natural copaiba