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Natural Copaiba

The legitimate Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil extracted from the Amazon forest with quality certificate

This version of the oil of Copaiba or is natural, is the form of oil extraction that maintains the tradition of centuries, much used by indigenous peoples in the application of health ills as medicinal healing.

Medicinal healing on the part (many studies prove the efficacy of copaiba oil against inflammations mainly of throat and also as an accelerator of healing process), our oil is focused on companies and laboratories, which prove studies published on the oil and so exploit this knowledge commercially.

We also offer oil to the perfume industry, since the fixation of a scent of perfume is caused by the percentage of oil that the formula of the perfume takes. This occurs in all kinds of brand independent perfume or geographical location of the planet of the perfumer company.

Our Plantation

Our Plantation

Amazon Nativus has the privilege of having a good reserve in the Amazon rainforest where we produce natural copaiba all according to Brazilian environmental protection laws.

Copaiba Our Care

Copaiba Our Care

We take care of our plantation very carefully, and always supervised by an IBAMA technician from the Brazilian government inspecting the annual oil production.

Our specialty

natural copaiba the legitimate balsam of copaiba

Yes we deliver Copaiba in any part of the world

As Copaiba oil can only be found in the Amazon rainforest, it culminates in the appreciation of the product for the cost that involves making the precious oil arrive in large metropolises.

The oil production of Copaiba, does not require the deforestation of the tree, the oil is extracted from the stem without the need to harm nature. Process similar to the extraction of latex from the rubber tree.

Natural oil will always have its place at the top when it is taken into account the quality factor due to the medicinal properties of the oil.