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Rose Wood Essential Oil

Rose Wood Oil our best product

We managed to maintain 78% of the Linalool rate in this oil produced in Amazon Nativus

The Amazon Nativus always concerned in the preservation and following the determination of Brazilian environmental legislation, uses only Rose Wood Oil tree of own planting properly registered in IBAMA and IPAAM.

In this way the company does not use wood coming from the forest and yes of planting itself from where they have in its area a total of 14,600 trees aged 16 years.

The productive process of the Rose Wood Oil is used leaves and twigs, and it is not necessary to overthrow the tree as an example of the disordered production of past producers or illegal producers. Today it is not necessary to bring down the Rose Wood Oil trees.

The extraction of the essential Rose Wood Oil, varies with the quality of the wood, about 4 hours of distillation, the amount of oil depends on the time of the tree pruning and the beginning of the distillation, as well as the origin of the tree.

Rose Wood Amazon Jungle Ima
Rose Wood 78% + Linalool

The best for you in terms of Rose Wood Oil

The Rose Wood Oil and largely constituted of linalool a product with great demand in the international market, due to its use as fixative of perfumes.

We can affirm that the green and juvenile leaves and twigs of pink stick, produce a greater amount of essential oil, 2.4% than the 1.1% wood.

The age of the leaves, affects the quality of the oil: the older, the greater the proportion of terpenes and linalool oxides, the younger the greater the proportion of Linalool.

These observations suggest that the pink stick can be cultivated in the same way as plants are grown for tea production, this is with periodic collection of green leaves and young twigs. The use of the method avoids the destructive collection with the tree overthrow of the forest.

Rose Wood from PRB Brazil
Rose Wood Fixer

Countries that import our the Rose Wood Oil

Currently the state of Amazonas is the only Brazilian producer of essential oil of rosewood originating from the cultivation.

The Amazon Nativus Regional Product of Brazil has 14,600 trees in pruning age producing annually 300 pounds of essential oil of tree duly legalized with IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and renewable natural resources).

The main importing countries of our essential Rose Wood Oil are: United States, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, UK and Holland.

If your business uses Rose Wood Oil, please contact us by clicking here and with much affection we will plan how best to meet your demand for Rose Wood Oil of pink stick. Be sure to know the natural Copaiba oil and Copaiba oil distilled from PRB regional products in Brazil.