Total purity in the Copaiba oil of the Amazon Blog

Total purity in Copaiba oil from Amazon

June 10, 2018

Our oil contains up to 68% more than Beta-Caryophyllene and 78% of Linalool


Regional Products off Brazil works with three types of oil originating from the Copaiba tree, as can be seen the tree is the same and the product differs. This is due to the fact that PRB Brazil invests in research of Copaiba and its oil for decades, we have partnerships with several University of chemistry of Amazonas, besides being and to take the guidelines of the agronomists of the federal government that gives the government support So that the natural extraction of the Amazon rainforest is legal.

Higher content or lower content is originated in the form of the extractivism of the plant and how the extraction of the plant oil is performed, and the distillation form of the oil already extracted. This is the secret that PRB Brazil maintains in the working policy on oil production, reinforced by owning a particular legal area within the forest where the soil is treated from planting the tree to the extraction of what it can offer best for humanity , all of this without attacking the environment, much to the contrary by strengthening even more with the proper handling of the trees.

The cultivation of Copaiba is similar to any type of cultivation found in the rural environment, climate, PHD of the Earth, irrigation treatment against pests and natural invaders among other things. What differs and this PRB Brazil stands out and is proud to be in the context of cultivation, is that in the traditional rural environment a cultivation can be obtained in months or up to a maximum of one year, already in the cultivation of the Copaiba is needed from one to two decades For the producer to be able to gain advantage of the cultivation and the more time the better the production volume of the plant, which lasts for centuries, provided that properly cared for and maintained.

All this work and all this dedication to the cultivation of a kind of plant is to keep still available in the market products that have been discovered centuries by indigenous peoples, and that by the difficulty in having to be found only in remote locations, is that the PRB Brazil maintains the tradition of offering to the world market the product that we dominate the cultivation, the production technique and the high degree of purity of the product.

Make a contact with our company and allow your company to offer in the composition of your formulas or product catalogue, one or several items that boasts an oil that came from the heart of the largest tropical rainforest on the planet the oil of Copaiba.